Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Web hosting and domain services:

We at Node Six are committed to bringing you great online services. Occasionally, we may decide to update our selection and change our service offerings so please check www.nodesix.com for the latest information including pricing and availability on our products and services.

Account Security:

After completion of account set up, Node Six provides the client with usernames and passwords to both their hosting account, and our Client Management System.

The client is responsible for keeping their username and password safe, confidential and secure.

While Node Six provides server level security, backups, maintenance and threat protection and deterrence, the security of the client’s hosting account in terms of passwords, use and application of any software installed on the client’s hosting account, the integrity of all files and information communicated via the services, maintaining appropriate backup facilities of all files and information stored on Node Six servers will be the sole responsibility of the client.

Payment Terms

  1. Web hosting and Domain Name Registration are prepaid services (i.e. in advance of the provision of the services) recurrent anually.
  2. Payment is due on/according to the date following the establishment of the hosting service on the internet anually.
  3. All set up fees are non-refundable once set up is completed.
  4. Node Six will terminate/ suspend the service without notice that remains unpaid after a period of 1 months of non payment for the services.
  5. All payments cheque or otherwise should be made in the names of “Node Six Ltd”.


  1. All bills will be sent via email to the client.
  2. Billing will be done one month in advance before the expiry of the already paid period.
  3. Unless the client notifies Node Six of the desire to cancel hosting or domain name services 30 days prior to renewal, those services shall be billed on a recurring basis.