Q. What is Domain Registration?

A. Domain Registration is the process in which a registrar (a company certified by ICANN) adds your domain name as a new entry inside the master database. In order to use a domain name, it must first be registered (added to a database). The company InterNIC holds the master database of domain names.

Q. How do I sign up for a new domain name?

A. Domain name registration is the process of acquiring a domain name from a domain name registrar.
Be sure to read our domain policy so you are fully aware of the terms under which a domain is registered.

Q. What domain extensions can Node six Ltd register?

A. Currently Node six Ltd can register .com, .biz, .co.uk, .org.cn, .ug, .law.ug, .ac.ug, .net, .us, .com.cn, .org.uk, .co.ug, .med.ug, .or.ug, .org, .cc, .name, .tv, .inc.ug, .ngo.ug, .sch.ug, .info, .cn, .net.cn, .ws, .ltd.ug, .sc.ug and all ugandan domains like .co.ug, .ac.ug, .ug, .ne.ug to mention but a few.
However, we can host all domain name extensions.

Q. How do I check to see if the domain I want is available?

A. Before you register a domain you must check for its availability. When a domain is registered it becomes unavailable meaning no one else can register it.

1. Click on Whois Lookup under domain services.
2. Alternatively, click Register Domain under DOMAIN SERVICES.
3. Enter the domain name you want to register in the domain field, check the extension from the list, and click CHECK AVAILABILTY.
4. If a domain is available under status you will see Available and also see more availabe domain extension in line to what you want to register. If the domain is unavailable under status you will see Unavailable and also see more available domain extension in line to what you want to register.

Q. What is the maximum length my domain name can be?

A. A domain name may have a maximum of 63 characters (letters, numbers, dashes) plus the 4 characters for the extensions such as [.COM]. This allows a domain name (including the extension) to be 67 characters long.

Note: It is generally a good idea to have the shortest domain name possible as your customers/visitors may find it easier to type.

Q. How long does it take before I can use my domain?

A. Domains are active immediately, but the nameserver information can take up to 48 hours to propagate or resolve to all DNS servers worldwide.

Q. Who owns the domain name if I register it through you?

A. The customer that is registering the domain is the owner of any domain registered through NodeSix. Unlike some companies, we do not take ownership of your domain. This allows you to make changes to the domain any time because YOU are the legal owner of the domain name.

Q. I spelled my domain wrong, can I get it changed?

A. No. Unfortunately, once a domain name is registered, we are unable to get our cost back from the registry or make any changes to the domain name.
Please type carefully when ordering!

Q. How to renew domain names

A. Domain name (s) need to be renewed on a yearly basis. You can get your domain name (s) renewed by placing an order for their renewal through your account or write us an email on support@nodesix.com.

Q. Should I be able to search for my domain in a search engine

A. Domain Names (a.k.a. urls, addresses) are not intended for search engines. Search Engines generally take keywords and return a list of documents containing those words. Your domain name must be typed in the Address Bar (also known as location bar) of the browser. Type your domain name in your browser’s address bar and press enter.

Q. My domain has expired. Can I still transfer it to another registrar?

A. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer an expired domain to another registrar / hosting company. This is an ICANN official restriction which allows no exceptions.

Q. How do I transfer my domain from my current registrar to you?

A. When you first choose to transfer a domain to Node Six Ltd, we do not automatically become your registrar. When you choose “transfer” during sign up, a Domain Transfer e-mail is sent to you with instructions on confirming and authorizing your domain name transfer.

If you do not have access to that e-mail, please contact support@nodesix.com in order to initiate the registrar transfer. Before a registrar change can be made, the following MUST be true:

  1. The domain whose registrar is changing must have been active for at least 60 days. An expired domain or a new domain registered less than 60 days ago cannot be transferred to a new registrar. These are not Node six’ policies, these are the policies of ICANN, the organization that oversees all domain name registrations.

  2. You must have access to the ADMIN email address listed in the domain\’s WHOIS entry. When a transfer of registrar is initiated, an email from the current registrar is sent to the admin email address to confirm that the owner of the domain accepts the registrar change.

  3. The domain CANNOT be in a LOCKED status. If it is, please contact the current registrar, have them unlock the domain, and then request a registrar transfer. If you have any further questions about the transferring of registrars, please contact support@nodesix.com

We are happy to clear up any confusion.

Q. How long does a domain name transfer usually

A. The minimum time for a domain name transfer is 5 business days. It is difficult to provide an exact time frame because the procedure depends on the time it takes the owner to confirm the transfer and the time your current registrar takes to accept or reject the transfer.

You should receive a notification in your email when the transfer completes along with all necessary information about the process.

Q. What happens to the time left on the registration of a domain before I transfer it to you?

A. If you have time left on your domain’s registration and you choose to transfer the registrar to Nodesix, your remaining time is added to the one year of registration that we provide. For example, assume your domain has 6 months left until it expires.
You transfer the domain registrar to Jolis. At this point, you will have 1.5 years of time left until the domain registration expires.

Q. How do I change the email address for my account?

A. In order to change the email address associated with your account, please call +256-752-567-374.Our Billing Department will be happy to make this change for you. Please be prepared to provide your domain name and account verification.

Q. Billing

A. All bills will be sent via email to the client.

  1. Billing will be done one month in advance before the expiry of the already paid period.

  2. Unless the client notifies Node Six of the desire to cancel hosting or domain name services 30 days prior to renewal, those services shall be billed on a recurring basis.

Q. Payment Terms

A. Web hosting and Domain Name Registration are prepaid services (i.e. in advance of the provision of the services) recurrent annually.

  1. Payment is due on/according to the date following the establishment of the hosting service on the Internet annually.

  2. All set up fees are non-refundable once set up is completed.

  3. Node Six will terminate/ suspend the service without notice that remains unpaid after a period of 1 months of non payment for the services.

  4. All payments cheque or otherwise should be made in the names of “Node Six Ltd”.

Q. Account Security

A. After completion of account set up, Node Six provides the client with usernames and passwords to both their hosting account, and our Client Management System.

The client is responsible for keeping their username and password safe, confidential and secure.

While Node Six provides server level security, backups, maintenance and threat protection and deterrence, the security of the client’s hosting account in terms of passwords, use and application of any software installed on the client’s hosting account, the integrity of all files and information communicated via the services, maintaining appropriate backup facilities of all files and information stored on Node Six servers will be the sole responsibility of the client.

Q. How do I update my cPanel?

A. You can run a cPanel update through the Web Host Manager under the update cpanel section. cPanel updates every night, so in most cases, there is no need to run this manually.

Q. How do I change the mySQL root password on my cPanel server?

A. You can change the mySQL password under the SQL section of the Cpanel

Q. How do I setup an email account on a cPanel server?

A. You can add email to any of your domain name that you have setup through that domain name’s cPanel interface under the email menu.

Q. How do I add an FTP account on a cPanel server?

A. You can add FTP accounts to any domain name that you have setup through that domain name’s cPanel interface under the FTP menu.

Q. How do I update PHP on my cPanel server?

A. You can update your server’s to PHP install by going to the Software section on the left hand menu and selecting the “Update Apache” link.

Q. How can I backup a MySQL database through cPanel?

A. Yes, you can backup a mySQL database through a user’s cPanel under the mySQL section. Once you load the mySQL section you will launch the phpMyAdmin for that user. Within the phpMyAdmin there will be a link called “Export”. Click that and select the database you wish to export and check the box called “Save as File” and enter in a file name in the text field below. Leaving the default options checked should be good enough for a standard SQL backup. Then hit Go.

will then be prompted by your web browser to save a file to your local computer. This is your newly created SQL backup file. If phpMyAdmin fails to produce a file for download and seems to have be hanging it most likely means that the database you are trying to export is too big for phpMyAdmin.

Q. How do I check to see if my ISP is blocking port 25 for sending mail via SMTP?

A. You can run a simple test to see if your ISP is blocking port 25. Open a command prompt for windows (Start >> Run >> Type ‘cmd’ without quotes and press enter) or Terminal.app for OS X and type in the commands below.