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Who we are

Node Six is one of Uganda’s fastest growing web solutions firms.

With over 400 web hosting clients, Node Six is one of Ugandan’s fastest growing web solutions firms. Node Six offers solutions like website and email hosting, domain name registration, website development and web application development.

Node6 believes in providing you with benefits not gimmicks or fads. We give you tools and solutions that best fit your needs as well as your pocket.

We are a highly customer service oriented company-which means we’ll bend over backwards to make sure you get the service you paid for. We sometimes even make coffee!


We Believe

Uganda is at the brink of a massive change in online experiences.

The internet is here to stay, its growth has been spectacular and explosive. What we want to do, as Node6, is to gently and steadily guide Ugandans towards embracing the internet as an effective tool for communication, sharing information, interacting with people from all over the world, and for discovering a whole new world.